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I love travelling. It has been one of my hobbies since I was a little girl: meeting new people, learning about different cultures, discovering new places, exotic food...

sweet london collage copiaOf all the cities I have visited, my favourite is (besides Buenos Aires) London. I had the opportunity to be there 4 times and If I could, I would fly there every year, even live there... is such a beautiful city and everybody is so nice.

london in red copia

This year I visited a good friend who is living there and had so much fun.

vintage london

I had so much fun discovering new things of the city. I didn't pay too much attention to the tipical places: I tried to focus on details. You can also take a look at this set on flickr where I tried to give a "girly" look to some of the urban shots I did.

which city you like most??? :)
Buxtehude - My Home

Buxtehude - My Home


My first post is going to be about the city I live in: Buxtehude. I guess I'm lucky to live here. Everything is so perfect, so nice, like living in a fairy tale.
I really enjoy going for a walk to the "old part" of the town with my camera beacause I know I will find so many lovely scenes to photograph. It doesn't matter if is winter, spring, autum or summer, rainy or sunny... Buxtehude is always beautiful :)

collage buxtehude

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