Happy Holidays!!!!!!!!!


I hope you are having a wonderful time :)
Espero que esten pasandolo genial!!!

We are having lots of fun outside, despite the cold weather...
Nosotros nos estamos divirtiendo un monton afuera a pesar del frio que hace...

diciembre 136

diciembre 141

octubre 003

And also at home: baking, reading, playing, resting
Y tambien en casa: cocinando, leyendo, jugando, descansando

octubre 129

diciembre 126

octubre 151

I wish you all the best! I hope next year will bring lots of happiness!!!
Mis mejores deseos para todos ustedes! Que el 2011 sea un año lleno de felicidad!!!



It's been ages since I last updated my blog.... I wish I could do it more frequently but unfortunately, right now, I don't have much time to do it :(

Hace bastante desde la última vez que actualice el blog.... Ojala pudiera hacerlo con mas frecuencia pero desafortunadamente, no tengo mucho tiempo para hacerlo en este momento :(

So many things happened to us during the last months.... I don't know where to begin!
The most special thing is that we could enjoy some time with my mom, who came to visit us from Argentina. It was so much fun!

Tantas cosas pasaron estos últimos meses... no se por donde empezar!
Lo mas lindo fue que pudimos disfrutar varios dias la visita de mamá, que vino desde Argentina. Nos divertimos un montón!

Meet my mom: isn't she a beautiful woman?
Aca esta mamá: no es divina?


M. and I could enjoy a lovely weekend in Berlin ALONE! My mother stayed at home with Fran :D

M. y yo pudimos disfrutar de un fin de semana en Berlin SOLOS! Mamá se quedó en casa con Fran :D


We were able to travel to Leipzig, where her grandparents were born and lived before moving to Argentina!!

También viajamos a Leipzig, donde nacieron sus abuelos y vivieron antes de mudarse a Argentina!!


I was lucky to travel again to Berlin but this time ALONE with her :D
Tuve la suerte de poder volver a Berlin, pero esta vez con ella :D

12-09-2010 Berlin 047

We moved to a new home, in a cute little town near Stade (with garden!!) We were able to go to the annual Christmas Market and enjoy delicious food in good company :)

Nos mudamos a una casa nueva, en un pueblito de campo cerca de Stade (con jardin!!) Fuimos al mercado de navidad que se organiza una vez al año y disfrutamos de una comida deliciosa y de muy buena compañía :)

octubre 012

And now we are enjoying the "pre-christmas" time, everything looks so dreamy!
Y ahora estamos disfrutando de la época pre-navideña, todo parece un sueño!

octubre 014

And what about you? are you enjoying this time of the year?
Y ustedes? Estan disfrutando esta epoca del año?

The Sun :)


La vuelta al mundo is my favourite Flickr group because it gave me the chance to grow as a photographer and motivate me to take more photos. I also love it because it led me to wonderful group of people.

Last month theme for La vuelta al mundo was SUN so the group's pool was full of gorgeous sunny pics. Unfortunately, the weather here didn't help me to take many pictures... this is the most awful summer in years. I think it didn't stop raining!!

Here is my tiny contribution, I hope you like it :)

La longue route

Colours in the sky

And also this one taken in winter... I love winter sun :)


September's theme is CHAIRS. You can join us by clicking in this cute button: peq

London ♥


I love travelling. It has been one of my hobbies since I was a little girl: meeting new people, learning about different cultures, discovering new places, exotic food...

sweet london collage copiaOf all the cities I have visited, my favourite is (besides Buenos Aires) London. I had the opportunity to be there 4 times and If I could, I would fly there every year, even live there... is such a beautiful city and everybody is so nice.

london in red copia

This year I visited a good friend who is living there and had so much fun.

vintage london

I had so much fun discovering new things of the city. I didn't pay too much attention to the tipical places: I tried to focus on details. You can also take a look at this set on flickr where I tried to give a "girly" look to some of the urban shots I did.

which city you like most??? :)
Buxtehude - My Home

Buxtehude - My Home


My first post is going to be about the city I live in: Buxtehude. I guess I'm lucky to live here. Everything is so perfect, so nice, like living in a fairy tale.
I really enjoy going for a walk to the "old part" of the town with my camera beacause I know I will find so many lovely scenes to photograph. It doesn't matter if is winter, spring, autum or summer, rainy or sunny... Buxtehude is always beautiful :)

collage buxtehude

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